Hi, my name is Vanessa and I am the owner of Ambience Massage & Healing.

I am a massage therapist, energy healer, and joyful learner and producer of aromatherapy products.

I also love using energy healing and feng shui concepts to help heal environments such as homes and workplaces as well. My passion for this started in my mid twenties and came after I had held other career visions such as hospitality and PR in the media. One day I just knew the area of natural therapies was my path after I finished a short course in healing therapy. I remember the joy and relief in knowing that this was my calling.. I then went about furthering my study and interests in massage and the healing arts. It has taken some years working for others and forging my own path that I can now present to you Ambience Massage and Healing here in Geelong Victoria.

Vanessa here at Ambience massage and healing in Geelong provides a lovely peaceful space to enjoy your preferred treatment. Allowing for the overall desired result of health and wellbeing. Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate.