• Treatment 1 | Basic Ear Candling | 45 min $70

    Each ear is candled and a light 10 min facial massage is applied around the ears, nose and sinus areas.

  • Treatment 2 | Deluxe Ear Candling | 90 min $160

    Ear candling is performed and then a deluxe facial treatment. This includes a facial spa, exfoliate and non surgical face lift. Followed by a neck, head and shoulder massage.

Benefits of Ear Candling
Ear Candling is not a cure all, but it can clear wax from your ear. Any serious ear or hearing complaints should always be attended to by your doctor or physician. Many people attest to the value of ear candling in cleansing the ear canals and sinus passages.

  • Clears wax & debris from the ear canal
  • Relieves pressure from behind the eardrum
  • Eases earache, headache & sinus pressure, allergies
  • Relaxation from the negative charge of the herbal smoke
  • Acts as a catalyst to clear nerve endings & promote healing
  • Removal of excess wax and allows better hearing, usually immediately
  • Stimulation and detoxification of the lymphatic system
  • Sinuses are able to drain and flow freely reducing pressure
  • Improved balance and rejuvenation of the equilibrium

How it works!
The gentle vacuum effect of fire causes debris to be drawn up the candle toward the flame, creating a vacuum, sucking up debris from the inner ear and also drying out the ear to help with infections. Many people find the process relaxing and calming