Healing Touch Therapy
Healing Touch Therapy is a healing art form, it is defined as an energy based approach to healing, using a collection of energy based treatment modalities to assess and treat the human energy based system, assisting the client to self heal. Hand placements are used in the auric and field and gently on the body in a non-intrusive fashion. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore wholeness through harmony and balance.
Reiki is about universal, unconditional love of heart energy. Rei- is defined as universal life force. A ray, like the energy from the sun. Ki- is defined as energy. This energy flows through every living thing. (Also known as Chi and Prana). It is applied through non-invasive gentle touch that aims to increase energy levels and promote wellbeing. This treatment follows a traditional pattern of hand positions, resting without pressure on or above the body.
Intuitive Counseling
As body work is a structured healing process, sometimes part of the experience and treatment includes and requires talking and listening on behalf of the client. This allows and gives a platform for clients to freely express issues that will assist with the whole healing process. This is added into the whole treatment and included in the pricing.
Flower Essences – Shell Essences – Crystals
You may find your treatment may include the use of fine vibrational methods with the use of crystals and/or essences and shell essences They are a subtle but dynamic and lovely way of treating the individual. A sheer joy for both the client and practioner to assist in the healing process.
Channeled Healing Sequence
As a practioner of healing I have learned healing modalities such as Healing Touch Therapy and Reiki in a formalised fashion but you when you do a healing you allow healing energy to flow through from the universe which can be unique for each individual and be specifically beneficial for the client, coming from a vibration that is perfect and loving for them, such as angelic energy from the angelic realm. Enjoy, as the universe always meets you when you ask for it’s love, guidance and assistance.

  • 30 min $50
  • 1 hr $90
  • 1 & 1/2 hr $130
  • 2 hr $170

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