Remedial Massage
Using trigger point therapy, acupressure points, joint movement, stretching and deep tissue massage, this massage technique is fantastic for problem areas, injury recovery and bodies that are sore, tired and stressed. Massage allows the body to recover from stress in its tissues and cells and has many more benefits.
Relaxation Massage
The basis to every good massage involves relaxation techniques whose basis is in Swedish massage. A gentler, non intrusive massage. Perfect if you don’t won’t the pain but just want to de-stress, relax and treat yourself to the indulgence of a blissful massage.
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue is a firmer application, using deeper massage techniques to allow more depth, heat and circulation into the muscle tissue creating release for sore and aching muscles.
Pregnancy Massage
For those expectant mum’s at any stage of their pregnancy. It is challenging both physically and emotionally for pregnant mum’s. Bodies can go out of alignment, muscles become tense and sore and stress can occur from the expectations. A soothing massage designed for pregnant mothers can be just the thing to help nurture mums with all the appropriate techniques and proper health systems in place so mum and baby is safe and secure and can simply just relax.

Intuitive Massage
Intuitive massage is where instead of focus just on the physical, the massage  becomes a flowing balance of energy between the energies of love in the universe, the practioner as a channel and the client. So techniques used may be channeled and the whole auric system is massaged as well as the physical body. Reiki, shell essences, healing and healing touch therapy,crystals and essential oils can be used in these treatments also, assisting in the healing process.

Reflexology Foot Massage 
Fabulous feet treatment…A one hour delight.
 Treat your heart and soles.  Do you enjoy a good foot massage, well this is for one is for you. Focusing just on the feet & calves, your feet are soaked, scrubbed to they  sparkle and divinely massaged. Oils, essential oils, tinctures, shell essences all selected at time of treatment.
Radiating Facial Treatment
A beautiful 1 & 1/2 hour joy

The Focus is on the neck, head and face, using Indian head massages techniques for the head and scalp, stretching and massage for the neck and acupressure points and gentle massage for the face. Oils, essential oils, tinctures all selected at time of treatment. Completed  with a reiki sequence.

  • 30 min $50
  • 1 hr $90
  • 1 & 1/2 hr $130
  • 2 hr $170

Gift Certificates available at Ambience for that special someone.